Weather Information

Abuja Weather Information

Nigeria's location in the tropics endows it with a rather hot tropical climate. Temperatures in Abuja do not vary much throughout the year, with slight changes between the two “seasons” experienced here. Its seasons are determined by rainfall, with the rainy season which runs from April to October being somewhat cooler than the dry season covering the rest of the year.

While temperatures average in the mid-twenties during the day time almost throughout the year, highs can be in the high thirties and lows in the high teens Celsius. Dress code around the campus is informal and most students wear jeans and tee shirts with trainers. However, you should always be fully dressed, even when it is hot. You are advised to be smartly dressed when visiting restaurants and event centres around the city. Students may be occasionally invited to University-organized dinner events – for these occasions you need a smarter outfit.

There is a wide range of clothing shops in the city and clothes can be somewhat more expensive than in larger metropolises in other parts of the world, but there are also very reasonably priced stores such as Mr Price (located in the Shoprite Shopping Mall) and stores located in open markets in Wuse and Garki Districts. You can find more information at the Student Affairs Offices.

All new students are advised to come along with bedding apparel (bed covers, pillow covers, duvet, etc.), for their individual use in the Halls of Residence.